On The Road

Found a great mechanic? Send the name, address, and contact info to us! This will be the main way to gather information for this area. Information will regularly be compiled into a permanent database.

Send your nuggets of hard won wisdom! Ever broken down in Stinkingwater (yes, there is such a place!) and just knew there must be a good mechanic in town but… where? You’re a bit suspicious that Bob’s Towing is taking your vehicle to Bob’s Garage. If you have discovered honesty and value on the road let your fellow artists know!

Since many of us spend much of our time going to and from shows “on the road” be sure to check here occasionally as we build a database of tips and stories from the road. On the “road” in this case includes air travel and, I suppose, train travel. Not sure how many artists travel to shows by boat, however. One fear is breaking down while travelling (especially TO the show) so gathering a database of reliable mechanics and garages could be an extremely valuable resource. This includes your hometown mechanic and just great stories from the road.

So as not to make travel, as a part of this lifestyle/business, sound too serious, we mustn’t neglect some of the joys of travelling. Food and seeing the country. While lodging seems to be more a necessary evil rather than a joy, there are gems out there, too – let us know.

Here are a few interesting websites:


  • BiddingForTravel.com – imperative reading before bidding on Priceline!
  • Priceline – Great deals on hotels.
  • Hotwire – ditto.
  • National Traffic and Road Closure Information
  • Road Trip America
  • RoadTrip America “The Eats Page”
  • Take a Free Ride on AutoPilot Good trip planner.
  • US Roadwork & Conditions Directory Super resource!
  • Subway Navigator
  • Biztravel Excellent site.
  • Expedia Microsoft’s travel reservations site.
  • Travelocity Another good reservations site.
  • Another roadtrip site a cross-country compendium of old highways and less-traveled routes, avoiding the soulless Interstates and steering you toward roadside attractions, historic places and oddball Americana.
  • Motel Americana A visual and literary journey through a fading part of Americana: the motel.
  • I-95 Exit Information Guide
  • Roadside Art Online
  • All the Hotels on the Web Hotel reservations
  • NPR’s CarTalk with Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers. Great site. You can do a search on what may be wrong with your vehicle, search for a good mechanic and read what owners have to say about their vehicle.
  • The WWW Speedtrap Registry
  • Preview Travel
  • Hotel Reservations Network

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