Memorial to Roddy Reed

I wanted to post on your forum but i am not a member. I want to say “Thank You” to NAIA and fellow artists for all the kind words and still remembering my uncle, Roddy Reed. There is no doubt that Roddy was the best when it came to his Pinch Pots. It still amazes me what he could do with a little piece of clay and his bare hands, literally turning dirt into gold. He was a true artist and explorer of nature. I have many stories about him from swimming with Manatees to carrying huge boulders across the country. And Roddy’s absolute love and respect for other artists.

Anyway, thank you.

Robert Reed Morgan

REED, RODDY BROWNLEE, 58, of Tampa died on Thursday, October 27, 2005. He was predeceased by his father, U.S. Air Force Captain Roddy W. Reed. He is survived by his mother, Martha R. Johnson; brother, Rich Reed of Tampa; and sister, Perrie Lynn Stephens of Augusta, Ga. He served in the United States Army and while in Korea, he established an orphanage for Korean children. An integral part of Ybor City’s art community, he was known around the world for his “Pinch Pots” with exhibits in Japan and New Zealand. In Belgium Roddy’s work was part of the Artist In Embassies Program, which was arranged by a fan of his work, Madeline Albright. In lieu of flowers donations may be made to the Roddy Brownlee Reed Foundation at the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay, 4950 W. Kennedy Blvd. Suite 250, Tampa, FL 33609. Visitation will be held 6:30-7:30 p.m. Friday, November 4, 2005, at Marsicano B. Marion Reed Stowers Funeral Home at 4040 Henderson Blvd. in Tampa. Burial will take place at the Florida Nationa l Cemetery in Bushnell at a later date.

Published at on 10/30/2005.

Roddy Reed passed away this past week. I’m sure many of you knew him better than I did as he had been making his one of a kind pinch pots and selling them at art fairs since the seventies. I’m sure he will be missed and I thought his passing should be noted.
Maria Reyes-Jones

I recall the first time I saw his work (at the Plaza show) and was stunned by it. I could not understand how someone could do that by hand! His passing will hurt all of us, for he surely raised the level of any show he attended.

Paul Germain

Roddy was a wonderful and funny man in addition to being a fantastic ceramic artist.

Martha Giberson

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