Memorial to Bill Ruth

“We regret to inform everyone that yesterday, November 19th Bill Ruth died. He had been battling colon cancer for months, his resistance had been weakened, and he ultimately succumbed to pneumonia. Bill Ruth and Susan Mahlsted collaborated on their Jewelry. Anyone who knows them like them both. Bill had a truly unique and engaging sense of humor and will be missed.”

Date Posted: 02/09/07
We are truly fortunate to have met Bill. He has a wonderful spirit that will continue to thrive. May God grant you comfort in your grief and know that you are both in our hearts and prayers.
Nancy and Mark

Date Posted: 01/02/07
The thought of Billy Ruth will forever make me giggle. I am so glad he was allowed to become human for even only a little while.

Date Posted: 12/30/06
To Susan –
I purchased two pair of your earrings at the ACC show in San Francisco. I don’t remember which years. I have always treasured those earrings and MANY people have complimented me on them. I especially remember one young man carrying a motorcycle helmet, dressed in black leather and blue jeans, who said he liked them “Cool!” and when I said they were made by a couple from Kansas City MO, he said – Hey! that is where I am from too! This was outside a Safeway store in Santa Rosa, CA

I remember Susan asking me if I wanted a copy of their bio, and we somehow got on the subject that Bill and Susan were married to each other, and that that was something people wanted to know about them. I remember thinking that what really mattered was what a good partnership it was for their art, or at least in the context of their jewelry.

I hope Susan has the heart to continue to work in metal. I think that would please Bill immensely. I am very sorry to hear that he had such a rough time. And I know that it was hard on Susan, too. I wish you peace in your heart and mind and hands.

Date Posted: 11/25/06
Together you took metal and made magic. A magic anyone who knew the both of you could easily see. Your laughter and kid-like grin will be missed. You’ll be in our thoughts and prayers.
Godspeed Bill.

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