Janet Parke


Janet ParkeThe medium in which I work is Fractal Art — a genre of Digital Art. My studio is my computer screen, and I use specialized mathematical formulas as my paints and brushes. Each element of my image — shape, color, texture, light, and shadow — is controlled by these formulas and I, in turn, control the formulas by manipulating their parameters and numeric values. I form each image with a collage of fractal layers that merge and interact to create the finished work.

Once a work is completed, it is rendered at the appropriate size and printed in continuous tone on photographic paper. Unlike other digital art and photography which lose resolution the larger they are printed, a work of fractal art can be rendered in any size without losing resolution. Because the fractal is re-calculated each time it is rendered, there is no loss of detail as the image is enlarged. In fact, the inverse is true — the larger the rendering (or print), the greater and more intricate its structural detail.

As an artist with a background in music and dance, I am inspired by their common elements — the rhythmic repetition of the fractal shape, the graceful, sweeping curves and spirals of color, the dramatic use of texture and light.


  • Main Street Arts Festival, Fort Worth, TX, April 7-10, 2005 (booth #463)
  • Gatlinburg Fine Arts Festival, Gatlinburg, TN, May 21-22, 2005
  • 57th Street Art Fair, Chicago, IL, June 4-5, 2005 (booth #408)
  • Covington Art Fair, Fort Wayne, IN, June 18-19, 2005
  • Krasl Art Fair, St. Joseph, MI, July 9-10, 2005 (booth #117)
  • Orchard Lake Fine Art Show, Orchard Lake, MI, August 5-7, 2005
  • Midwest Salute to the Arts, Fairview Heights, IL, August 26-28, 2005
  • Art & Apples Festival, Rochester, MI, September 9-11, 2005
  • ‘You Gotta Have Park’ Festival, Memphis, TN, October 22, 2005


  • Echoes of Infinity, solo exhibition, Levy Gallery, Buckman Fine Arts Center, Memphis, Tennessee, 2004
  • Bridges: Mathematical Connections in Visual Art, Holtzman Art Gallery — Towson University, Towson, Maryland, 2002
  • Digital Creation Awards 5th Anniversary Exhibition, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo, Japan, 2001
  • 2001.1 Digital Salon, Stele Gallery, Las Cruces, New Mexico, 2001
  • The Frontier Between Art and Science, Granada, Valladolid, and Salamanca, Spain; Lyon and Anglet, France; Buenos Aires, La Plata, and Resistencia, Argentina; Belgrade, Yugoslavia; Vienna, Austria; Tokyo, Japan; 2000-present
  • Infinite Art — Painting With Numbers, Jack Kenner Gallery, Memphis, Tennessee, 2000
  • Elysium, solo exhibition, Levy Gallery, Buckman Fine Arts Center, Memphis, Tennessee, 1999


  • Award of Excellence, Toray Digital Creation Awards, 2000


  • SOS/ACORN, Memphis, Tennessee


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