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  • “I knew ZIP about ZAPP, but this seminar changed all of that. Great job of explaining the jury process, the equipment, the process to prepare art and upload to the site.”
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  • “Covered ZAPP process well!

We are pleased to announce a continuing series of seminars and workshops sponsored by NAIA to help artists learn about the process of creating digital images of your artwork for submission to festivals that are, or soon may be, switching from accepting slides.

Seminars are presented by leading authorities on preparing ZAPP images. With a particular focus on the ZAPPlication? requirements, this seminar will give instructions and answer questions about digitizing your own images for optimal effect, as well as tips for hiring others to prepare your images for you. Additionally, artists will have the opportunity to view their own images projected through the same ROKU and LCD system used by ZAPP?.*

Don’t miss these opportunities to learn more about ZAPP?! Space is limited, so register now!

For more information on preparing digital images, visit Larry Berman’s Preparing Images for Zapp? page.

For more information on ZAPPlication?, visit

Upcoming seminars

Following is a tentative schedule of current or upcoming ZAPP/digital seminars that the NAIA is working on to offer to artists. This list may change or expand as we are able to identify other suitable locations. If there is another location where you think a seminar would be beneficial, please contact us so that we may look into scheduling other events. Highlighted entries are currently confirmed seminars – click to go to Registration page. This list will be updated.

Jan 22 – COMPLETE Atlanta, GA
Feb 20 – COMPLETE Kansas City, MO
Feb 20 – COMPLETE Jupiter, FL area ArtiGras
Feb. 26 – COMPLETE Fort Myers, FL ArtFest Fort Myers
Feb. 27 – COMPLETE Naples, FL Naples National Art Festival
March 17 – COMPLETE Winter Park, FL Winter Park Arts Festival
April 10 – COMPLETE Atlanta, GA Dogwood Festival
July 25-26 – COMPLETE Maumee Bay, OH NAIA Artist Conference
Aug 12-14 – COMPLETE Sun Valley, ID Sun Valley Arts Festival
Aug 17 – COMPLETE Lake Oswego, OR Lakewood Center for the Arts
Oct 12 – COMPLETE Albuquerque, NM Pat Barrett’s studio
July 5 – COMPLETE Roswell, GA Raiford Gallery

IMPORTANT! Please email Ardath Prendergast if you think you might attend a seminar but haven’t decided yet and may show up at the door. This will give us a better idea of how many might attend.  Be sure to mention which one you are interested in! Thanks!

Free “Refresher” Opportunities: If you have previously paid for and attended a ZAPP seminar, you are invited to attend additional seminars (space permitting) for free. This is a great opportunity to review any of the information from the seminars, or ask additional questions of the instructors that may have arisen in the interim. Note: This free opportunities applies to seminars only.


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