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We wish to thank all of our Contributors for their support.

The Contributors Memberssignifies “Above and Beyond the Call of Duty”! (Very much appreciated!)

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Contributors MembersContributors MembersContributors Members“BOOTH BACKER” Contributors MembersContributors MembersContributors Members

The shows listed under the “Booth Backer” heading have contributed the cost of “one booth” in their show to NAIA, which reflects the show’s committment by matching the amount artists invest in their show. Thank-you !!!

  • Contributors MembersContributors MembersContributors MembersOrganization: Des Moines Arts Festival Contributors MembersContributors MembersContributors Members
     Stephen King
    Address: 700 Locust Street, Suite 100
    City, State, Zip: Des Moines, IA 50309
    Phone: 515-286-4927
    Fax: 515-286-4942
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  • Contributors MembersContributors MembersContributors MembersOrganization: Garage Sale Art Fair, TheContributors MembersContributors MembersContributors Members
    Name: Bonnie Blandford & Michael Kifer
    Address: 1426 Hazen SE
    City, State, Zip: Grand Rapids , MI 49507
    Phone: 616-241-3084
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  • Contributors MembersContributors MembersContributors MembersOrganization: MAIN ST. Fort Worth Arts FestivalContributors MembersContributors MembersContributors Members
    Name: Jay Downie
    Address: 777 Taylor Street, Suite 100
    City, State, Zip: Fort Worth, TX 76102
    Phone: 817-336-2787
    Fax: 817-335-3113
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  • Contributors MembersContributors MembersContributors MembersOrganization: Michigan ArtShow Contributors MembersContributors MembersContributors Members
    Name: Mark Loeb
    Address: 2102 Roosevelt
    City, State, Zip: Ypsilanti, MI 48197
    Phone: 734-216-3958
    Fax: 734-482-2070
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Contributors MembersContributors MembersContributors MembersBENEFACTOR CONTRIBUTING MEMBERSContributors MembersContributors MembersContributors Members

  • Contributors MembersContributors MembersContributors MembersIndividual: Ardath Prendergast Contributors MembersContributors MembersContributors Members
    Name: Ardath Prendergast
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  • Organization: Ann Arbor’s South University Art Fair Contributors Members
    Name: Maggie Ladd
    Address: P O Box 4525
    City, State, Zip: Ann Arbor, MI 48106
    Phone: 734-663-5300
    Fax: 734-663-5303
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  • Organization: Bill Charney & AssociatesContributors Members
    Name: Bill Charney
    Address: 135 Eudora St
    City, State, Zip: Denver, CO 80220
    Phone: 303-321-3190
    Fax: 303-321-2610
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  • Organization: By Hand Contributors Members
    Name: Jay Snyder
    Address: 1601 W. Fifth Ave. #201
    City, State, Zip: Columbus, OH 43212
    Phone: 614.444.5767
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  • Organization: Central Pennsylvania Festival Of The ArtsContributors Members
    Name: Richard Bryant
    Address: P.O. Box 1023
    City, State, Zip: State College, PA 16804-1023
    Phone: 814-237-3682
    Fax: 814-237-0708
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  • Individual: LaTrece CoombsContributors Members
    Name: LaTrece Coombs
    Phone: 770-760-0578
    Fax: 770-760-7891
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  • Organization: Marion Arts FestivalContributors Members
    Name: Deb Bailey
    Address: 1225 – 6th Ave., Ste. 100
    City, State, Zip: Marion, IA 52403
    Phone: 319-377-6316
    Fax: 319-377-1576
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  • Organization: Mount Gretna Outdoor Art ShowContributors Members
    Address: PO Box 637
    City, State, Zip: Mount Gretna, PA 17064-0637
    Phone: 717-964-3270
    Fax: 717-964-3054
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  • Organization: Omaha Summer Arts FestivalContributors Members
    Name: Vic Gutman & Associates
    Address: P.O. Box 31134
    City, State, Zip: Omaha, NE 68131-0134
    Phone: 402-345-5401
    Fax: 402-342-4114
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  • Organization: Paradise City Arts FestivalContributors Members
    Name: Linda & Geoffrey Post
    Address: 30 Industrial Dr E
    City, State, Zip: Northampton, MA 01060
    Phone: 800-511-9725
    Fax: 413-587-0966
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  • Organization: WESTAF-Western States Arts FederatonContributors Members
    Name: Anthony Radich/ Lara Turner
    Address: 1743 Wazee St. Suite 300
    City, State, Zip: Denver, CO 80202-1280
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    • Organization: 4 Bridges Arts Festival / Assoc. for Visual Artists
      Name: Jerry Dale McFadden
      Address: 30 Frazier Ave. Ste. A
      City, State, Zip: Chattanooga, TN 37405
      Phone: 423-265-4282 ext. 106
      Fax: 423-265-5233
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    • Organization: 4th Street Festival
      Name: Reza Pishyahi
      Address: po Box 1257
      City, State, Zip: Bloomington, IN 47402
      Phone: (812) 335-3814
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    • Organization: Allentown Art Festival
      Name: Mary Myszkiewicz
      Address: P.O. Box 1566 Ellicott Station
      City, State, Zip: Buffalo, NY 14205-1566
      Phone: 716-881-4269
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    • Organization: American Craft Council
      Name: Bernadette Boyle
      Address: 72 Spring St. Floor 6
      City, State, Zip: New York, NY 10012
      Phone: 212.274.0630 x252
      Fax: 212.274.0650
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    • Organization: Ann Arbor Street Art Fair
      Name: Shary Brown
      Address: P.O. Box 1352
      City, State, Zip: Ann Arbor, Mi 4810 6-1352
      Phone: 734.994.5260
      Fax: 734.994.0504
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    • Organization: Armonk Outdoor Art Show/Friends of the North Castle Public Library
      Name: Judy Moniz
      Address: One Boulder Trail
      City, State, Zip: Armonk, NY 10504-0008
      Phone: 914-273-9706
      Fax: 914-273-4476
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    • Organization: Art Fair Jackson Hole
      Name: Amy Fradley
      Address: PO Box 1248
      City, State, Zip: Jackson Hole, WY 83001-1248
      Phone: (307) 733 8792
      Fax: (307) 739-6694
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    • Organization: ArtFest Fort Myers
      Name: Sharon McAllister
      Address: 2443 First Street
      City, State, Zip: Fort Myers, FL 33901
      Phone: 239-768-3602
      Fax: 239-337-0803
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    • Organization: ArtiGras Fine Arts Festival
      Name: Chip Scott
      Address: 3970 RCA Blvd., Suite 7010
      City, State, Zip: Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
      Phone: 561-694-2300
      Fax: 561-694-0126Send email


    • Organization: Artisphere
      Name: Mary Ellington
      Address: 16 August St
      City, State, Zip: Greenville, SC 296Phone: 864-271-9398 or 864-271-9355
      Fax: 864-467-3133
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    • Organization: Artist Career Training
      Name: Aletta de Wal
      Address: 101 First Street, #103
      City, State, Zip: Los Altos, CA 94022-2750
      Phone: 650-917-1225
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    • Organization: Artist Credit Card Lady
      Name: Betsey Kane
      Address: 7219 Marbury Court
      City, State, Zip: Bethesda, MD 20817
      Phone: 301.263.1073
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    • Organization: Artrider Productions Inc
      Name: Stacey Jarit
      Address: P O Box 28
      City, State, Zip: Woodstock, NY 12498-0028
      Phone: 845-331-7900
      Fax: 845-331-7484
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    • Organization: Bayou City Art Festival / Art Colony Association
      Name: Kimberly Stoilis
      Address: 1418 Sul Ross Street
      City, State, Zip: Houston, TX 77006
      Phone: 713-521-0133
      Fax: 713-521-0013
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    • Organization: Beckman’s Handcrafted Gift Show
      Name: Ann Fruland
      Address: 222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 470
      City, State, Zip: Chicago, IL 60654
      Phone: 312-527-7608
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    • Organization: Bethesda Row Arts Festival/Arts on the Pike
      Name: Robert Deutsch
      Address: 8 Lily Pond Court
      City, State, Zip: Rockville, MD 20852-4230
      Phone: 301-816-6960
      Fax: 202-478-1880Send email


    • Organization: Birmingham Fine Art Festival
      Name: Peggy Kerr
      Address: 1516 S. Cranbrook Rd.
      City, State, Zip: Birmingham, MI 48009-1855
      Phone: 248-644-0866
      Fax: 248-644-7904
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    • Organization: Boca Raton Museum Of Art Outdoor Juried Art Festival
      Name: Aloysius Gigi
      Address: 501 Plaza Real, Mizner Park
      City, State, Zip: Boca Raton, FL 33432
      Phone: 561-392-2500
      Fax: 561-391-6410
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    • Organization: Broad Ripple Art Fair
      Name: Patrick Flaherty
      Address: 820 East 67th St.
      City, State, Zip: Indianaolis, IN 46220-1139
      Phone: 317.295.2464
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    • Organization: Brookside Art Annual
      Name: Donna Potts
      Address: 3920 W 69th Terr
      City, State, Zip: Prairie Village, KS 66208-2601
      Phone: 913-362-9668
      Fax: 913-362-1658
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    • Organization: Cherry Creek Arts Festival
      Name: Terry Adams
      Address: 2 Steele St. Suite B-100
      City, State, Zip: Denver, CO 80206-6265
      Phone: 305-355-2787
      Fax: 303-355-2788
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    • Organization: Chrysler Arts, Beats & Eats
      Name: Lisa Konikow and Connie Mettler, co-chairs
      Address: 17 Water St.
      City, State, Zip: Pontiac, Mi
      Phone: 248.334.4600
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    • Organization: Coconut Grove Arts Festival
      Name: Katrina Gallegos
      Address: 3390 Mary St. #128
      City, State, Zip: Coconut Grove, FL 33133
      Phone: 305-447-0401 ext. 27
      Fax: 305-447-1499
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    • Organization: CODA (Craft Organization Development Association)
      Name: Linda Van Trump
      Address: PO Box 51
      City, State, Zip: Onia, AR 72663
      Phone: 870.746.5159
      Send email 
    • Organization: College Hill Arts Festival
       Mary-Sue Bartlett
      Address: PO Box 544
      City, State, Zip: Cedar Falls, IA 50613
      Phone: 319.277.4972
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    • Organization: Colorscape Chenango Arts Festival
      Name: Peggy Finnegan
      Address: 98 N. Main St.
      City, State, Zip: New Berlin, NY 13411
      Phone: 607-847-8091
      Fax:Send email


    • Organization: Columbus Arts Festival
      Name: Katie Lucas
      Address: 100 East Broad Street, Suite 2250
      City, State, Zip: Columbus, OH 43215-4200
      Phone: 614-224-2606
      Fax: 248-456-8147
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    • Organization: Common Ground Sanctuary Art in the Park
      Name: Cindy Hurley
      Address: 1410 S. Telegraph Rd
      City, State, Zip: Bloomfield Hills, Mi 48302
      Phone: 248-456-8158 ext. 221
      Send emailSend email


    • Organization: Crested Butte Arts Festival
      Name: Diana F. Ralston
      Address: PO Box 324
      City, State, Zip: Crested Butte, CO 81224
      Phone: 970-349-1184
      Fax: 970-349-1184Send email


    • Organization: East Central Arts Council
      Name: Mary Minnick-Daniels
      Address: ERDC – 100 Park Street South
      City, State, Zip: Mora, MN 55051-1431
      Phone: 320-679-4065
      Fax: 320-679-4120 Send email 
    • Organization: East Lansing Art Festival
      Name: Corinn Van Wyck
      Address: 410 Abbott Road
      City, State, Zip: East Lansing, MI 48823Phone: 517-319-6804
      Fax: 517-337-1607
      Send emailSend email


    • Organization: Fitzpatrick and Associates
      Individual : Cindy (Fitzpatrick) Lerick
      Address: 1704 Beechwood Avenue
      City, State, Zip: St. Paul, MN 55116
      Phone: 612-701-7997
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    • Organization: Florida Festivals and Events Association, Inc.
       Eleanor Krusell, Exec. Director
      Address: 4174 Palo Verde Drive
      City, State, Zip: Boynton Beach, FL 33436
      Phone: 561-736-7071
      Fax: 561-736-7188
      Send email 
    • Organization: Frame Destination
       Mark Rogers
      Address: 13539 Method St.
      City, State, Zip: Dallas, TX 75230
      Phone: 1.877.FRAMES
      Fax: 866.389.2813
      Send email 
    • Organization: Great Lakes Art Festival
      Name: Blair Bowman
      Address: 46100 Grand River Ave.
      City, State, Zip: Novi, MI 48374
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    • Organization: Hot Works, LLC
      Name: Patty Narozny
       PO Box 79
      City, State, Zip: Milford, MI 48381
      Phone: 248-684-2613
      Fax: 248-684-0195
      Send email 
    • Organization: Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff
       Sara Shambarger
      Address: 707 Lake Blvd.
      City, State, Zip: St. Joseph, MI 49085-1398
      Phone: 269-983-0271
      Fax: 269-983-0275
      Send email 
    • Organization: Lakeville Art Festival
      Name: Shelly Carney
      Address: P.O. Box 835
      City, State, Zip: Lakeville, MN 55044
      Fax: 952-985-5628
      Send email 
    • Organization: La Jolla Festival of the Arts
      Name: Ross Ehrhardt
      Address: 8677 Villa La Jolla Drive, Suite 114
      City, State, Zip: La Jolla, CA 92037-2354
      Send email 
    • Organization: La Quinta Arts Festival
      Name: Kathleen Hughes
      Send email Address: 78150 Calle Tampico, suite 215
      City, State, Zip: La Quinta, CA 92253
       760-564-1244 ext. 108
      Fax: 760-564-6884
      Send email 
    • Organization: Leesburg Fine Art Festival
      Name: Amy Griffin
      Address: 429 W. Magnolia Street
      City, State, Zip: Leesburg, FL 34748
      Phone: 352-365-0232
      Fax: 352-314-1152Send email


    • Individual: Richard H. Lobenthal
      Name: Richard H. Lobenthal
      Phone: 248-855-2289
    • Organization: Long’s Park Art & Crafts Festival
      Name: Amy Marberger
      Address: P O Box 1553
      City, State, Zip: Lancaster, PA 17603-1553
      Phone: 717-295-7054Fax: 717-290-7123
      Send email 
    • Organization: MLA Productions
      Name: Mary Lou Atkins
      Address: 1384 Weston Rd.
      City, State, Zip: Scotts Valley, CA 95066
      Phone: 831-438-4751
    • Organization: Mount Dora Center for the Arts
      Name: Christina Padgett
      Address: 138 East Fifth Ave.
      City, State, Zip: Mount Dora, FL 32757-5573
      Phone: 352.383.0880
      Send email 
    • Organization: New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
      Name: Christine Bradford
      Address: 336 Camp Suite 250
      City, State, Zip: New Orleans, LA 70130
      Phone: 504-410-4100
      Fax: 504-558-6121
      Send email 
    • Organization: Oconomowoc Festival of the Arts
      Name: Rebella Eash
      Address: P.O. Box 651
      City, State, Zip: Oconomowoc, WI 53066-0651
      Phone: 414-567-1243
      Send email 
    • Organization: Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts
      Name: Angela Cozby /Arts Council of Oklahoma City
      Address: 400 W Califonia St.
      City, State, Zip: Oklahoma City, OK 73102-5021
      Phone: 405-270-4897
      Fax: 405-270-4888
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      Send email
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    • Organization: Paragon Fine Art Festivals
      Name: Bill kinney
      Address: 1 Pueblo Ave.
      City, State, Zip: Cenerport, NY 11721
      Phone: 631.421.1590
      Fax:Send email


    • Organization: Peoria Art Guild Fine Art Fair
      Name: Stacy Peterson-Steiner
      Address: 203 Harrison St.
      City, State, Zip: Peoria, IL 61602-1536
      Phone: 309-637-2787
      Fax: 309-637-7334
      Send email
    • Organization: Pennsylvania Guild Fine Craft Fair
      Name: Nick Mohler
      Address: 252 N. Prince St.
      City, State, Zip: Lancaster, PA 17603
      Phone: 215-579-5997; 215-485-1150
      Fax: 866-628-2685
      Send email 
    • Organization: Plaza Art Fair
      Name: Kara Breitenstein
      Address: 310 Ward Parkway
      City, State, Zip: Kansas City, MO 64112-2110
      Phone: 816-960-6234
      Fax: 816-960-6215
      Send email 
    • Organization: Port Warwick Art & Sculpture Festival
      Name: Denise Olsen
      Address: P.O. Box 120648
      City, State, Zip: Newport News, VA 23612-0648
      Phone: 757-369-3014
      Fax: 757-369-3010Send email


    • Organization: Rose Squared Productions, Inc.
      Name: Janet Rose
      Address: 12 Galaxy Ct.
      City, State, Zip: Hillborough, NJ 08844
      Phone: 908-874-5247, 908-930-4363
      Send email 
    • Organization: Smoky Hill River Festival – Fine Art/Fine Craft Show
      Name: Karla Prickett
      Address: P.O. Box 2181
      City, State, Zip: Salina, KS 67402-2181
      Phone: 785-309-5770
      Fax: 785-826-7444
      Send email 
    • Organization: St. James Court Art Shows
      Name: Marguerite Esrock
      Address: P.O. Box 3804
      City, State, Zip: Louisville, KY 40201
      Phone: 502-635-1842
      Fax: 502-635-1296Send email


    • Organization: Summerfair Cincinnati
      Name: Sharon Strubbe
      Address: 7850 Five Mile Rd.
      City, State, Zip: Cincinnati, OH 45230
      Phone: 513-531-0050
      Fax:Send email


    • Organization: Sun Valley Arts & Crafts Festival
      Name: Kathryn Crowley
      Address: P O Box 656
      City, State, Zip: Sun Valley, ID 83353-0656
      Phone: 208-726-9491 Ext. 17
      Fax: 208-726-2344
      Send email 
    • Organization: Syracuse Arts & Crafts Festival
      Name: Laurie Reed
      Address: 109 s. Warren St. Suite 1900
      City, State, Zip: Syracuse, NY 13202-4707
      Phone: 315.422.8384
      Fax: 315.471.4503
      Send email 
    • Organization: Tea Mac, Inc.
      Name: Guy McDonald
      Address: 430 Sawmill Rd
      City, State, Zip: Port Matilda, PA 16870
      Phone: 800-873-1192
      Send emailSend email


    • Organization: The Guild of Artists and Artisans
      Name: Debra “Max” Clayton
      Address: 118 North Fourth Avenue 660 S. Mill Ave, Suite 150
      City, State, Zip: Ann Arbor, Mi 48104
      Phone: 734-662-3382
      Fax: 734-662-0339
      Send email
    • Organization: Trails West! Festival
      Name: Teresa Fankhauser
      Address: Allied Arts Council, 118 S. 8th Street
      City, State, Zip: St. Joseph, MO 64501
      Phone: 816-233-0231
      Fax: 816-233-6704
      Send email 
    • Organization: Upper Arlington Labor Day Arts Festival
      Name: Lynette Santoro-Au
      Address: 3600 Tremont Rd.
      City, State, Zip: Upper Arlington, OH 43221
      Phone: 614-583-5310
      Fax: 614-442-3208
      Send email 
    • Organization: UtahArts Festival
      Name: Lisa Sewell
      Address: 230 S. 500 West, Suite 120
      City, State, Zip: Salt Lake City, UT 84101-1712
      Phone: 801-322-2428
      Fax: 801-363-8681
      Send email 
    • Organization: Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival
      Address: P.O. Box 597
      City, State, Zip: Winter Park, FL 32790-0597
      Phone: 407-672-6390
      Send email 
    • Organization: Wyandotte Street Art Fair
      Name: Lisa Hooper
      Address: 3131 Biddle Ave.
      City, State, Zip: Wyandotte, MI 48192
      Phone: 734-324-4506
      Fax: 734-324-4552
      Send email

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