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Yamaha YAS-280 Alto Saxophone

Since 1967, Yamaha has created a wide variety of saxophones for both beginner and advanced players. One of their recent models, the Yamaha YAS-280, is catered to the beginner. If you’re searching for a high-quality instrument, it’s no surprise you’ve come across the YAS-280. This model is prided as one of the best choices for …

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Head Voice vs Falsetto Voice

To most people, falsetto and head voice are just one and the same thing. Though this might be true for most rock music, it’s not true for other genres like alternative or dance music. The head voice is achieved when the singer sings with an open throat and a lower larynx. Falsetto voice is achieved …

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Best Digital Piano Keyboard Brands

Most digital pianos come with the option to have them delivered and assembled by a professional artist in-store or to have them delivered boxed so you can set it up yourself. The idea of building one yourself might sound stressful-but don’t worry, we’ll help ensure that you do it right! BEST 88-Key Electric Piano Brands …

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