Wednesday & Thursday, August 29 & 30, 2007
(with pre-conference social gathering on Tuesday evening)

Eden Resort Inn & Suites
Lancaster, PA (preceding the Long?s Park Art and Craft Festival)

The 8th Art Festival Directors Conference, organized by the National Association of Independent Artists (NAIA) will be held Wednesday & Thursday, August 29 -30, 2007 in Lancaster, PA, immediately prior to the Long?s Park Art & Craft Festival. This unique event, produced by artists for show directors, is the only one of its kind that is geared directly to the needs and issues of arts festivals, and provides an unparalleled opportunity to meet, network, problem solve and energize with show directors from around the country. It is open to all show directors, staff and board members. If you?ve never been to an NAIA Directors Conference, you owe it to yourself to be there. And if you?ve attended one or all of our past conferences, you?ll find this one is targeted to provide as much valuable information to the ?veteran? director, as it is to those who may join us for the first time.

Featured Presenters 

Bruce Erley, Creative Strategies Group

Bruce Erley is a well-respected professional in the field of event sponsorship and marketing, and an engaging presenter. Bruce will be doing both a presentation and a workshop on sponsorship for arts festivals.

A Focus on the Art Show Sponsor: Strategies and Tactics for Success

In this plenary session, Bruce Erley, President and CEO of Creative Strategies Group, will reveal the strategies and tactics behind his sponsorship agency?s success in increasing the sponsorship revenue for the award-winning Cherry Creek Arts Festival by 300% in just five years. He?ll present a fresh perspective of looking at corporate partners, some of the common myths and mistakes many festival producers make in finding sponsors, pitfalls to avoid, as well as who is sponsoring arts festivals and why.

Selling Sponsorship

What do you need know what to do before you make the pitch to a potential sponsor that will significantly improve your chances for success? This workshop will provide you with the nuts & bolts of conducting an ?inventory? of your event?s sponsorable assets, designing and pricing compelling sponsor packages and preparing professional proposals. Detailed seminar outlines will be provided and many examples will be used in this informative, but upbeat presentation.

Anthony Radich and Beth Bank, Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF)

The Future of Technology as it Impacts the Art Show

Beyond digital images and online application systems for art shows, where will technology lead art shows in the next 5 ? 10 years? How might new technologies change the look of your art show, how you do business, and how you might present art to the public? How might developing technologies change the ways people think about or use art, and what might that mean to you? In this presentation, Anthony & Beth will give you some insights into the future of art and technology so that you can begin to prepare for and shape the effects it may offer to your show.


The Cost of Shows: Understanding Perspectives / Finding Answers

You know your show is expensive to put on, but how do your costs compare with other shows? costs? And what effect are artists? costs to participate in your show having on your show? In this presentation, we look at the costs for shows to put on their events, the costs for artists to participate in shows, and explore answers to control costs and find success for both.

The Mystique of the Jury: What is Really Happening Behind the Scenes

All shows conduct juries to pick artists for their events, but are you really making the best use of the jury process to choose your exhibitors? Learn how shows may be sabotaging themselves through jury practices, and the effects that it may have on your show, the artists and your public.

Trends Among Artists: The Changing Artistic Landscape

The NAIA will present findings from its extensive survey taken over the spring and summer of 2007 to identify trends among the artists that are applying to art shows, and what this will mean to the future of your show.

Stopping the Importers, the Buy & Sell, and the Dishonesty

You know they are out there and getting into shows. What techniques can you use to spot them, catch them and remove them swiftly from your show? Better yet, can you catch them during the application process before they slip into show in the first place?

Returning Creativity to Art Shows: Letting The Art Rule

Are art shows becoming too much alike? Are the rules and procedures that have developed over time stifling artistic creativity? Are there ways to ?freshen up? your shows using the talents of those you seek in the first place ? the artists ? that might bend the procedures just enough to make you, your artists and your patrons breathe a collective ?Ahhhh?..? ? Join in this discussion and think about some bold new steps.

Art Marketing Initiatives ? Pennsylvania Style

The Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and Pennsylvania?s Cultural and Heritage Tourism Office are working together to make Pennsylvania a more festival and artist friendly state. They are collaborating with arts presenters and artists on marketing Pennsylvania?s festivals and in creating artists? and artisans? trails on some of the Commonwealth?s historic secondary highways. Learn more about these initiatives, and stimulate ideas for your own communities.

And more?.

More targeted presentations, lots of discussion and invaluable networking with your fellow show directors. If you can go to only one conference this year, this needs to be the one!

Click Here for the complete agenda.

Silent Auction of Original Art

This year, we will bring back our popular silent auction of original art to the conference. Bring your checkbook (or we gladly accept credit cards), and add to your personal art collection while you help to support NAIA


Reservations must by made by July 29 to receive the special room rate. Reservations made after that date are subject to the Eden’s regular room prices.

Even if you aren?t yet certain that you will attend the conference, please book your hotel room anyway. We have a limited number of hotel rooms set aside at a special rate of $102.95/night ($139.95 for Friday night), and when they are gone, remaining rooms will only be available at a higher rate. Your room may be cancelled if you are unable to attend. See the hotel?s web site for cancellation policies.

To book your hotel room online, go to Click on ?Reserve Now?, and then click on ?Group Reservations? and enter the NAIA Group #323879. Alternatively, you may call 717-569-6444; specify the NAIA Group #323879.

Deluxe rooms and suites are available at additional cost. This provides an added option to share a room with your fellow directors and split costs. Deluxe rooms or suites must be reserved by telephone and it is necessary to include the NAIA Group # with your reservation.

We hope you will make your reservations directly through the Eden Resort. Doing so will help to keep the price of rooms lower for all and alternatively allow NAIA to lessen the conference registration fee.

Transportation to Lancaster

For information on transporation to Lancaster, click/download the PDF file.

Who should attend the 2007 Directors Conference?

  • Art show directors, your board members, and your marketing & PR staff (and if you hold ALL of those positions, this conference is definitely for you!)
  • Organizers of non-profit or promoter shows with paid or volunteer staff.
  • Directors of developing, new or established shows; small, medium and large shows, and everything in between.

Long?s Park Art & Craft Festival

Stay after the conference to visit the Long?s Park Art & Craft Festival, August 31 ? September 3.

Long?s Park is considered to be one of the country?s finest art shows. It receives consistently high marks from artists as one of the most ?artist-friendly? shows, and attracts show patrons from a 5-state area through its successful marketing. Treat yourself to a visit at Long?s Park and learn more about their methods through a behind-the-scenes tour of the show conducted by festival staff.

Vacationing in Lancaster County

Lancaster, PA is well known as a tourist and family destination with many attractions that appeal to people of all ages. Plan to arrive a few days early, or stay late, to enjoy the best of Lancaster. For more information, contact:
PA Dutch Convention & Visitors Bureau
501 Greenfield Road
Lancaster, PA 17601
717-299-8901 ~ 1-800-723-8824

Conference Registration

Register online now by clicking here. Incentives and opportunities for reduced registration fees are offered for those who invite a director of a show that has not previously attended an NAIA Directors Conference. Return to this website for regular updates on conference information.

If you wish to mail in your application (with April 30th postmark for early registration) please download and print the PDF version.

Download the free Adobe PDF Reader

For more information please send an email to Ardath Prendergast Ardath Prendergast or to Toni Mann Toni Mann or call 352-382-7158.

We look forward to seeing you in August!


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