Terry Habeger


Terry Habeger

I paint with acrylics on fired ceramic forms and canvas. The wheel-thrown forms are often altered with slabs that penetrate or extend beyond the form. All the clay pieces are closed sculptural forms. I like bold color and geometric variations.


I paint on clay, masonite and canvas. Abstract geometric variations, with bold color and sharp contrast, characterize my work. I use a lot of repeated lines and interruptions of geometric shapes and lines.

The sculptural clay forms that I paint on are made from red earthenware. They are all closed forms. The symmetrical forms are wheel-thrown, and often altered with slabs. To do this, I cut away part of the completed wheel-thrown form and piece in slabs that both penetrate and extend beyond the form. A hole is cut in the back of the wheel form so that I can reach inside and securely join all pieces. I construct slab forms also. The pieces are fired once for permanence, then primed and painted.

The masonite and canvas are often textured with acrylic mediums before I paint. I use Golden Acrylics, a professional grade medium. All paintings, 2-D or 3-D, are finished with a coat of mat medium, resulting in a uniform, semi-flat finish.

My forms and painting style have evolved over a number of years. I like the control I have with paint and also like the unexpected things that happen when colors are being applied to a surface. There is a physical involvement when painting, as there is more obviously with clay. I like the choice, on any given day, to paint, draw or work in clay.

I expect each piece to work in some way, to have some dynamic that works first for me and hopefully for others as well. I see art as an extension of personal positive and negative energy, perhaps a way to save as well as express myself.


  • Northwood Gallery
    Midland, MI
  • J. Jeffrey Taylor
    Fish Creek, WI
  • The Rubell Collection
    Costa Mesa, CA
  • Details and Green Shoelaces
    Tucson, AZ


  • Coconut Grove Art Festival
  • Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival
  • Boca Raton Museum Art Show
  • Ann Arbor State Street Art Fair
  • Old Town Art Fair, Chicago
  • Lakefront Festival of Art, Milwaukee

Markeson, WI
Home: 920-210-3284
Web: TerryHabeger.net

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