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Sharon MatusiakSharon Matusiak’s “Jewelry for the Wall” are mixed media on wood contemporary sculptures. Color and texture are essential aspects of her work. She generally restricts her forms to classic symbolic shapes such as the circle and ellipse, but occasionally works with abstract forms. Sharon invites inquiries for commission work. Please contact by letter or e-mail for her national show schedule.

Music and Mythology are the major influences on Sharon’s work, suggesting themes, symbolic shapes and colors, and even titles. Consequently her sculpture has many cross-cultural references, often echoing Oriental, Egyptian, Afrikan and Mayan influences. Music study is a mathematical endeavor and although Sharon hasn’t studied music since a teenager, she is now finding that it is emerging in visual form with geometric shapes being grouped to set up rhythms and scales. The Moons and Cocoons Series are contemporary shields–they are mixed media on wood, wall sculptures.

The richness of the surface is as important to Sharon as the form, so much of her time is spent adding texture. She does this in both reductive and additive ways—that is some textures are produced by carving the wood, and much of it is produced by the addition of other materials (rope, twine, reeds, torn canvas, rice paper, metal leaf) to the shaped surface. Texturing of the surface has been an ongoing process of experimentation for her for the past 15 years when she switched from painting on canvas to wood. During this period she has developed her skills of woodworking and wood carving. To purists her methods and technique are radical. However the unconventional use of materials is key to her success.

Although Sharon works in series, making several pieces of similiar design, no two are ever colored, textured and shaped the same. Each bears it’s own distinct personality.

Marion, IL
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