Road Food

For anyone travelling up or down I-81, there’s a great bakery at exit 19 in Virginia. Called the “Wildflower Bakery,” all the baked goods are divine, made with good ingredients. They also serve light lunches, such as soup or sandwich, made with natural ingredients as well. If you’re a caffeine fiend, tasty coffee is available. The bakery is located at the Northeast side of the exit in an old Victorian House. Not open on Monday. This place is really a gem!
Deana Blanchard

Rosen Show Eateries:
Just wanted to share a couple of my favorite restaurants: Viet Nam on 11th Street near Race…two blocks from the Convention Center…the best, freshest Vietnamese food in town! Takeout, too. Sorello’s at 4th and Race: continental cuisine, reasonably priced, imaginative menu, less noisy on the second floor. Brigid’s in the art museum area: worth a trip! Too crowded on Friday nites, but even then worth a wait. Generous portions of fabulous food and good service. Joe’s Peking Duckhouse on Race St. in Chinatown. Has been the best for years, still is.
M.R. Daniels

For vegetarians travelling on the road, I have several recommendations:
First, if you’re in a pinch, Denny’s restaurants now offer Gardenburger on their menu. They’re really good, locations are just about everywhere and they’re open 24 hours.

A real handy reference is the book: “Vegetarian Journal’s guide to Natural Foods Restaurants in the US and Canada”. This is a comprehensive listing of a great variety of choices- both ethnic and domestic. Price ranges cover all the bases too.

Finally, I’ve heard the the restaurant chain Chili’s now offer a black bean burger on their menu. Although I can’t confirm this, I do know these are an excellent sandwich and I look forward to trying theirs.

Happy dining!
Submitted by Jon and Patricia Hecker

As it is expensive to eat in the Plaza area of Kansas City, and many restaurants are closed by the time the show ends in the evening, we walk over to Winstead’s. This hamburger place was a Kansas City institution long before fast food appeared. Also if you would like to splurge a little on lodging there is a fine bed and breakfast called Southmoreland On The Plaza (816-531-7979) within walking distance. Here you’ll find wonderful hospitality and great breakfasts.

In Louisville treat yourself to the famous old Hotel Seelbach. They offer great rates for St. James Court exhibitors and wonderful food. For dinner try Lynn’s Paradise Cafe, 964 Barrett Ave. It has a huge coffeepot in front along with dinosaurs and other 50’s style diner and yard sales decor. They offer huge portions of food and juices say Carl and Bill Coleman.

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