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The NAIA works to provide useful information about the art show industry for artists as well as show directors and their staff.

Industry FAQs


The Independent Artist newspaper


Marketplace provides information about materials, tools, suppliers, and more.

Professional Services provides information about digital imaging, mechanics, travel, and more.

The Art Show Artists’ Survival Guide – Written in 2007 by NAIA artist members, “The Art show Artists’ Survival Guide” is a resource of tips, ideas and inspiration. The experienced festival artist as well as the novice will find a treasure trove of insight, helpful hints and inside information that are sure to make their art show experience easier and more successful.

“How to Run a Great Art Show” – Written in 2014 by the NAIA, “How to Run a Great Art Show is a small “how to” book for art shows and festivals to help smaller shows, ones with an all volunteer staff or ones whose directors change every year, work to create an event that is successful for both the artists who come to participate and for the community and the organization producing the event.

“How To Run A Great Art Show” is available in two ways:

  • The Book Package:  $120.00 which includes:
    • The Book (a $35.00 value)
    • 1 Year Membership in the NAIA (a $95.00 value)
    • 1 Hour Long Conference Call with NAIA board members ($ Priceless $)
      * Talk to the experts about all the issues of your show *

Please note that the information provided here should not be viewed as an endorsement by NAIA.

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