Better Shows! That’s the number one priority of NAIA artists everywhere. It is also the number one priority of the NAIA’s Professional Relations committee. Our purpose is to focus our efforts, prioritize the leads, share information and keep communications open with all interested parties. Our emphasis is on helping to develop major national festivals and strong local events.

Our first step was to develop a professional resources packet that is being used for presentation to potential sponsors. With help from artists and show directors we were able to assemble the following material:

  • A list of professional consultants skilled in developing a festival.
  • Museum professionals willing to help other museums and art centers interested in developing festivals of their own.
  • National and local NAIA volunteers who will offer positive and responsible help.
  • Economic impact studies and the fund raising opportunities open to art festivals.
  • The actual printed programs from top festivals that feature the work of the exhibiting artists.
  • Information on the kinds of corporate and municipal sponsorships available in our industry.
  • Surveys on who attends festivals, how they spend their money, how long they stay at an event, etc. Even information on the best attended arts event in the country. (Arts/Crafts Festivals).
  • A 100 festival list that demonstrates the diversity of locations, sponsoring groups and styles of festivals.
  • A promotional video from the Cherry Creek Arts Festival that will allow potential sponsors to experience the dynamics of a great festival.

Even though this committee is relatively new we are starting to see potentially exciting opportunities. A number of artists have already stepped forward with leads, contacts, and ideas. Through their efforts presentations have been made to the following: the New Orleans Museum of Art, Mayors office in Nashville, and the Buckhead Business Coalition, Atlanta. Assisting emerging shows is also an important goal of this committee. Work has already begun with the one year old Newberry Festival of the Arts in Chicago. They are enthusiastic about our NAIA volunteer help and are determined to become one of the city’s top events. Also, the Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival, located in Reston, Va. (close to Washington, DC) is determined to reach the stature of a top national festival.

Our Category Advisory program is also having a positive effect. Artists are doing great work with the newly remodeled Arts Festival of Atlanta, and this year, the Boca Raton Museum Art Festival will appoint local artists to assist them.

So, you asked for better shows and we are making this our top priority. You will need to be our eyes and ears and tell us about potential opportunities. Contact us with your ideas and we will provide the support to help turn your local opportunity into a profitable new show.

Jon Hecker
Chairman, Professional Relations Committee
Phone: 812-935-6172

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