The NAIA Memorial Page was inspired by this post on the NAIA open Forum:

We are a widespread artist community. There are a lot of people doing art shows. And most of us are very busy. Often we can not even stay in touch with those artists we are friends with, let alone those that we know and care about but don’t have much direct contact with. There are times when we do not even learn about their passing for months. Often our opportunity to mourn them and share in memories with our fellow artist‘s is lost to us.

Or on occasion we hear about an artist who has passed away, who we are told was an important part of our communities history, an individual who was a meaningful person in the lives of many, and we have no appropriate place to learn more about them, see examples of their work and listen to what their peers have to say.

Would it be out of place to have a section on the NAIA web site set aside to remember and celebrate those artists whose work, humanity and contributions to our community made our lives a little better? Where artists who have special knowledge about the person can tell us what they were like and why they meant so much to them. Where others can tell a story about that person, some experience shared at a show or on the road that makes us laugh aloud or smile with appreciation or marvel at their strength of character.

As I said, I hesitated to bring this up. I know that the Michigan Guild, the ACC and the NAIA make mention of the passing of an artist in their newsletters but those often lack insight and understanding of the real loss we have experienced. Sometimes it takes a lot of us, contributing what we remember, to make them live on in our hearts and minds. I guess I am thinking about a special NAIA web site where we can pay our respects and learn about our history.

Rick Bruno, NAIA member

Memorials to those important to us…

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