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Feb 12, 2007: Bulletin Sent to Show Directors about Digital Formatting Issues

As more and more shows are making the switch to requiring digital images for jury purposes, the proliferation of formats requested by shows that do not use ZAPP or Juried Art Services is becoming a huge issue for artists. NAIA sent the following bulletin to every show in our databases to make them aware of the difficulty artists face when they must re-format images to meet a show’s individual requirements. Even if they are using an in-house system, we urge them to adopt the ZAPP 1920×1920 format. This format should easily be compatible with or adaptable to most any in-house viewing process the show elect to use. Not only will a standard format make things easier and more fair for the thousands of artists who have already created ZAPP images, it will also assist artists who do not already have ZAPP-ready images to prepare images they will be able to use when and if they do apply to ZAPP shows.

As the adage goes, the more times someone receives a message, the more likely they are to absorb that message. Although we have sent this bulletin to hundreds of shows, we realize there are many that are not yet in our database. We encourage you to copy this bulletin and forward it on to any shows you know that may be using a odd digital formats, even if it means a show receives this message a number of times. And if you do forward it to a show, would you be kind enough to let us know the shows you have sent it to so that we can be sure to add them to our database if they are not already in it?

Thank you for your support. We hope that this will be a service that will help each one of you as we all try to keep up with our changing world of technology.

Sally J. Bright, Chair
Ardath Prendergast, Executive Director

Here is a PDF of the Bulletin – save it to your computer and print to take to shows or mail…

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