The final work on the Advocacy position papers has been completed. After many drafts and much discussion we have a very reasonable and practical product to present to shows. These advocacies address many of the important issues that we as artists face in exhibiting at art shows, and will provide us a great beginning in opening discussions among shows about how to best cooperate in improving these venues for us all.

The board and Ardath Prendergast (NAIA Executive Director) worked to prepare a very professional booklet, which will be presented, first at the upcoming Show Director Conference, and then will be distributed among as many shows as we can afford.

We will also be preparing ongoing evaluations to determine how well these advocacies are embraced by shows, and hope to begin fruitful discussions with them about these issues.

Like most of what NAIA does, these advocacy positions and papers are part of an ongoing project that will require alteration and updating as time goes by. It is often not a simple task to include the thoughts of all members. NAIA is grateful to all of you who volunteered your help in this project, and this board looks forward to hearing from the membership about your assessments of the completed task.

You may view/download the entire collection of papers in PDF format:

NAIA Advocacies (196K)

Michael Kopald, Chair

Download the free Adobe PDF Reader

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