Memorial to T. Scott Halpin

Memorial to T. Scott HalpinAfter years (at least 4) of dealing with an inoperable brain tumor, Scot had his final seizure on Friday. Robin was with him, holding him, and says he smiled and seemed at peace before he lost consciousness for the last time.

One of Scot’s greatest legacies, along with the hundreds and hundreds of sweet, whimsical, beautiful watercolors and prints, is their son James. Marvin and James were best buds, and were always so glad to spend time together (while Robin and I took care of commerce) talking about monster movies and art. Scot and James had such a special relationship. James was a big help to his dad both emotionally and physically when Scot lost his sense of balance. He’s an interesting, vibrant young man, tall and sensitive like Scot.

If you want to laugh and learn a bit of Rock and Roll trivia, when you Google Scot you can read about the time he was the pitch-drummer for the Who when Keith Moon passed out during a concert in the 70’s. Robin says there’s even footage of it on You Tube!

Rest in peace, Scot. I’m going to miss you.


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