Memorial to Robert Hutchinson

Dear Sally,
Thanks for including the great pic of Robert in your Art Show Artists website. It is really an incredible task of love and history for the business and artist community at large. We did shows for 24 years on the street in cities across the nation. Our last show was in Nashville (Fall TACA 2003). It is with an ache in my heart to share that Robert died of brain cancer November 13, 2003 (Glioblastoma Multiforme gr. 4) Just to pass along this news. I know alot of our artist friends and acquaintances may not have gotten word of his demise. We (myself and his children Rosie and Henry) are now resurrecting Bob’s Clayworks. We are in the process of reproducing his work in mold and casting in resin, bonded bronze and eventually bronze. Again, thank you for including him.

Sincerely, Louise Hutchinson

Memorials posted here on the NAIA site and Member Forum.

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