Memorial to Robert Barab

Artist Robert C. Barab Jr., 68, died Feb. 27, 2011 at home. He was the beloved husband of Trilla Ramage of Hampton, VA,father of Sasha Barab of Bloomington, IN, and son of the late Lucilleand Robert C. Barab Sr. Robert was born in Wilmington, DE,Dec. 3, 1942.

An artist, he was an award-winning fine art photographer whotraveled the world to find beauty and share it through his images: (

Prior to his careerin photography he was also an award-winning jewelry designer and maker. Agraduate of Goddard College with a BA increative writing, at the time of his death, he was completing a novel.

(Take a look at the last tribute to artist Dale Walters, written by Robert Barab — Sally J. Bright)

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