Memorial to Marvin Hill

After a battle with cancer, dear Marvin passed in 2003. In his honor, the Cherry Creek Arts Festival instituted a “Marvin Hill Award” for the 2004 show.

In preparing this memorial section of the website, I asked Wendy if she had more tributes to Marvin I could add to his page, as there was only one so far. She sent me a few:

Hi Sally,

There are many more testimonials, from newspaper articles to poems people sent, etc, but I tried to find writing that spoke specifically to Marvin’s being and talent, and found several emails sent to me by the art fair community and collectors. I did a little editing, taking out personal information, but for the most part left the messages intact.

It was a fitting way to spend the morning… this is the 3rd anniversary of his death, and although my life has changed in many ways, he’s still right there beside me.

Thanks for the catharsis,

Wendy Dearest,
Your and Marvin’s work has been a part of our family’s life– his way of seeing things has expanded my sight. He will continue to be a part of our lives until our ends —
— Julilly Kohler

Hello Wendy,
Marvin was an incredible creative artist and human being. I enjoyed both his depth and his subtle sense of humor. I’m very sorry for your loss – and ours. He will be missed.
Michael Imes

Dear Wendy,
I read about Marvin’s death in today’s Journal-Sentinel. Please accept my condolences.
I remember buying his Painted Bird prints on Locust Street so many years ago. Five of his prints are
hanging on my walls now.
He will be missed but always remembered.
Charles Piette

Please accept my sincerest sympathies. You obviously know what a great man Marvin was and that his memory will live on for years to come in the thousands of people whose lives he touched with his work or just through speaking with Marvin.
Ellen Clark

Wendy, Lenny and I were so sad to hear this news. From your last post a couple of weeks ago we realized that things were not looking good. But to hear it was over still came as a shock. Marvin fought this thing with every bit of strength he had and still made time for his friends and loved ones. You were at his side every moment and I know that brought him great comfort as well.
Rick and Lenny Bruno

I’m so sorry for your sad news, but thank you for sharing it. It was a delight and honor to get to know and work with Marvin – and you – and I’m so glad for the Lakefront Festival poster experience.
Beth Hoffmann, LFOA

Dear Wendy,
Please accept our deepest condolences.
Marvin was a great spirit with true talent beyond explanation. It was a
pleasure to have known him. Your profound thoughts have helped prepare you for
this moment.
I know his spirit will continue through you. Your enthusiasm for him and his gentle spirit will help guide you down a new path. Please know you have many friends who care about you and will help out in any way we can think of. That’s what we’re all here for.
Rest in Peace, Marvin.
Jon and Pat Hecker

Dear Wendy,
Mamie and I were so sorry to hear of Marvin’s passing. We deeply feel the sorrow when it’s time for us to say a last good-bye. In reflecting back on the last time I saw Marvin, he and I sat together at the artist center at Cherry Creek, and I will always remember how he was so positive and upbeat. You know more than any of us what a special person he was and what a tremendous lost this is to our artist family. He will be truly missed.
Dale and Mamie Jo Rayburn

We’ve been speechless since Marvin went away. I have too many conflicting feelings to put any into words that express the turmoil.
We hope you keep on going no matter how hard it is. We need you and the legacy you and Marvin have created need you. You are part of the creative act that came out of Marvin and I don’t think the great art would even have made it onto paper if you hadn’t been there. Your coloring improved the art, too.
Steve Shepard

So sorry to hear about Marvin. I always thought of Marvin as the most creative artists of my peers. His spirit will always be with me and will always encourage and influence my work because of his high level of professionalism.
Mitch and Bea Lyons

I can not tell you how much Marvin will be missed. He will be greatly missed in the art community.
Donna Potts, Brookside Art Fair

I’m so sorry to hear of Marvin leaving us. He’s one of the few artists whose work I would make a special effort to see at a show. I didn’t get to know him well, but the subtle humor and intelligence of the prints has always appealed to me. I’m sure he carried those traits. You may or may not remember that I bought “Unattachment” a few years back, and it will always be a gentle reminder to take life lightly. Please take care of yourself.
Jack Brumbaugh

Dear Wendy,
Yours and Marvin’s work was the first art that I had ever bought from an artist (call me a late bloomer).
I enjoyed talking to Marvin at art shows about the ideas behind his work and about different esoteric
books and subjects. I thought it was so amazing the ideas that were generated and put into art as a result
of the subconscious mind. I also loved the fact that while Marvin was a very talented artist, that he
wasn’t pompous in anyway. He was always glad to take some time to talk with me.
Please let me know the next time you come to a show in Kansas City. I’ll be there!
Matt Bailey

Dear Wendy,
I was contacted by a printmaker and member of the MAPC (mid-America print conference) who was looking for “American artists who specialize in linoleum prints” and I immediately thought of Marvin. I was shocked and dismayed after learning that Marvin’s cancer finally got him. I am so sorry for your loss and for the great loss of such a fine artist and printmaker and book collector and press collector and satirist and intellect and on and on. I want to give you a big hug and you can tell me your stories.
Until then, Mary Mark

It was with much sorrow I read your note. Marvin was one of the great thinkers and creators for this generation. I hope his work continues to spark inspiration in others. I am glad likewise to have gathered a few moments with him, and to collect some of his thoughts during your art trips to St. Louis. His style will always be a positive influence to my own work, a model to try and achieve.
David-Glen Smith

Memorials posted here on the NAIA site and Member Forum.

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