Memorial to Keith Lebenzon

I was sad to hear that Kieth (AKA “The Brushman”) died in Sept. I found out in an odd way. Someone called for Portland who bought my work at his estate sale. She had not known him. All my work carries my URL on the bakc so it was easy for her to find me.

Kieth was a master salesman, with a near perfect product for craft shows. He could fly in anywhere with a few suitcases, rent a table and drape get to work. He used humor effectively along with a keen sense of body language and a well-honed repretoire of patter. I will miss seeing him at fairs and know that I could have learned much more from him than I did.

– Jim Rosenau

His work is here.

I found this obituary online here.

– Cynthia Davis

Memorials posted here on the NAIA site and Member Forum.

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