Memorial to Janet Long

Just wanted everyone to know that Janet Long passed away Saturday. A wonderful woman who fought a long, hard battle, she will be missed by everyone who knew her. Please keep John in your thoughts and prayers.

Bonnie Blandford

I did not know Janet. I know John, only slightly, though our encounters seem to weave a friendship that keeps building with each visit.

I knew Janet via John and saw her at several shows throughout the years, never knowing anything about her or her illness. I was informed of this during the Ann Arbor National show which was a few weeks ago.
Her presence was missed and John was obviously in deep thought about her welfare.

Sometimes I forget all of the gifts that I have been blessed with and it is at these times when I realize how fortunate I/we all are. I missed out on getting to know Janet for any number of reasons, but the point being, all we really have is each moment and the opportunity to seize upon them and bring some sort of spirit and challenge to those moments. I am saddened by the death of someone that is part of this big family and I missed knowing a sister….
May her spirit shine.
May John have strength to find answers that chart a bright path.

Mark Wallis

The last time I saw Janet, I think it was in Denver this summer, we hugged and I said I was always so glad to see her, to which she responded “Yep! I’m still around!”

She was always so positive and thoughtful. Marvin and Janet had several long talks about being truly alive and grateful every day. Her strength and her humor will always be an inspiration.

Wendy Hill

Janet was a beautiful person and I still hear her laughing!
I admired her strength in dealing with her daily battles with courage and humor.
I will miss her.
Jon will be in our prayers as this season of Thanksgiving approaches.

Patricia Hecker

We are all so sad. Janet brought us grace and beauty in her work — courage and humor in her life. There could not have been a soul who didn’t love and admire her.
There will be a gathering of friends and family on Tuesday, the 19th from 5 until 8pm at Richeson-Wickham-Atkins Funeral Home, 216 South Springfield Street in St.Paris, Ohio 937-663-4193
There will be a burial on Wednesday the 20th, originating at the funeral home at 11am.

St.Paris is east of Piqua, Ohio, a few miles east of I-75, north of Dayton, OH.

Eugenie Torgersen

Janet was such a kind, kind person! Gracious, friendly and always smiling. For years I never knew she had cancer, until I commented on her ‘new’ hairdo one day. She laughed and said it was a wig, & that she had battled cancer for years. She put her whole soul into that beautiful jewelry.

Sally J. Bright

As a breast cancer survivor I was very upset to hear of her death. Perhaps the legacy that she could leave to us, in addition to her work, is a reminder to be pro-active in the early detection and prevention of the disease. My cancer was found only through a mammogram. Please get yearly mammograms or remind your partner to do so. Whenever I spoke to Janet, she seemed so peaceful in her acceptance of this tragic disease. It demonstrates the wonderful person that she was.

Linda Steinworth

I am deeply saddened by this news. Janet was a wonderful gracious, courageous person who showed such great heart in her battle with cancer. My heart felt sympathy goes out to John and the rest of her family and friends. This is a such a great loss to all of us who knew her or her work. She was a very talented and inspired artist. She will be missed and remembered fondly. Farewell.

Edward J. Avila

Janet affected my life very much, from her positive attitude and sense of humor to her courage. I will cherish aways the wonderful work that I have from her. Bill and I will think of John often during this difficult time; There is no doubt as to how much they loved each other.

LaTrece Coombs

In an amazing coincidence…..

Barbara Browning, my former wife passed away last friday also after a long battle with lung cancer.
She and I worked together on a body of work and did shows for many years. She and Janet were friends.
One can hope that their timely passing might be of comfort to each other.
Both these women touched many lives with their souls and their work.
Richard Kooyman

Friends in life and death.
Blessings to all who knew both these creative, loving souls.
Our lives are made richer for having known them.
Peace to their families.

Pat Hecker

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