Memorial to Glenn Donovan

Some sad news to report here. I just learned the Glenn died yesterday from a pulmonary aneurism. It was sudden. He was having difficulties breathing over the weekend. We have lost a great man, a relentless humorist and a creative soul. He will truly be missed. Our hearts go out to Edie.

A memorial is being planned by his family and Edie Ehlert, his life companion and collaborator on the work. It will be this Saturday, January 26 at 2:30 pm in the Community Building right on Hwy. 171 in Gays Mills, WI. Pot luck dinner to follow. Anyone interested can attend. Memorial contributions can be made to the Community Conservation project:

Here are two links for Glenn. His own website:

Sally’s Art Show Artists website, where Glenn and Edie can be found from an April 2002 visit:

Be safe and take care everyone.

Jon Hecker

Here is the obituary for Glen.

Via con Dios, Glen.

What a sad day. Glenn was a great friend. He was sooo funny, and yet compassionate and a good listener. He could bullshit when it was required, and yet had a serious side when it came to the important issues of the environment and politics and life. What a creative mind! His work was always evolving. He and Edie were enjoying the new collaborative work they had just started producing the last couple of years.

I miss you already, Glenn. I will miss your smile, and your great big hugs. I hope you and Marvin and Rick are shooting the shit on some astral plane… plotting how to get the Democrats back in the Whitehouse most likely!

Another reminder to enjoy every sandwich,

Wendy Hill

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