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NAIA Announces 2011 Artist/Directors Conference

Wednesday, March 16, 2011
The National Association of Independent Artists (NAIA) will host its annual Artist/Directors Conference in Indianapolis, In on May 17-18, 2011.

Serious issues are affecting the visual arts festival industry.The National Association of independent Artists (NAIA) will use its annual conference to work on solutions for the issues threatening to change the industry. “While we were planning this conference, we began by discussing the “normal” format with Keynotes and other speakers,” said Teresa Saborsky, NAIA Chair, “As discussion continued, it became apparent that the one advantage that NAIA has over other conferences is that we can bring artists and directors together to work on the issues and come up with possible solutions. So, rather than the same old format where all sit for two days listening, do some talking — and, ultimately, little is accomplished — we decided to work on issues.”

NAIA will present three primary topics that were narrowed down after talking with both artists and show directors. Though specific formats are being worked out with facilitators, the general agenda will be as follows:

The Cost of Doing Art Shows-The art show venue is getting more and more expensive for artists to do and they are also getting more expensive to produce. What can artists and shows both do to turn this around? In order to close the gap between two of the primaries in the industry, we will have both artists and show directors discuss costs and explore solutions as to how we can possibly reach middle ground.

Booth Images – Artists are confused as to why some shows want a booth image and, when they do, what they want or not want in a booth shot. Can we find a mutually agreeable SOLUTION to this issue that doesn’t put an undue burden on artists to have multiple booth shots yet accomplishes what the shows need? Yes, we believe it can happen. We’re intelligent people who can watch, listen, process, and come up with some answers.

Buy/Sell/Imports/Production – What exactly is the problem? We know there is a negative financial impact these types of vendors have on artists at venues selling hand-made, original arts and crafts. They also impact the public perception of the show. What can artists and show directors do together to identify and eliminate these problems?

This conference will be the first in which artists and directors will work together to identify and discuss issues in the industry then work toward workable solutions during the conference. Issues like these are discussed on forums, heard  at shows, and thus far, there are no solutions put forth — until now. Formats will be such that attendees will be able to discuss them in many ways, looking at them from many perspectives, then come together with possible solutions toward which all constituents can work together. “It’s going to take all of us to listen and understand the many facets of the issues, then work together in the weeks *after* the conference on the solutions put forward to resolve the issues in our industry.”

Be a part of the solution!

More Information about the conference –

Accommodations and Reservations:

The conference will be held at the Embassy Suites Downtown, at 110 West Washington Street, Indianapolis, Indiana.

NAIA has arranged special accommodations for our guests who wish to stay at the conference site.

Room Rates for King or Queen Double are $109.00 per night.

Rooms are all suites and include pull out sofa in sitting room.

Full cooked to order breakfast is included in rate

Free Wi-Fi.

Parking is a reduced rate of $15 per night in hotel attached garage.

Our block has been set up and individuals can begin calling in to make reservations. We urge all of you to use our host hotel.

Please call 317-236-1800 and ask for reservations. You will then give your arrival and departure date and ask for a room within the Independent Art block. You may also book your room online by visiting and using group code NAI.

Conference Registration

Registration for the conference will be available on our web home page soon.

A “meet and greet” cocktail party will take place on Wednesday evening, May 18th, before the conference begins.

Conference Registration Now Open

Monday, April 4, 2011
Registration for the 2011 Artist/Directors Conference in Indianapolis, IN is now open. Register today!

You can now register for the Artist/Directors Conference, Solutions: A Working Conference, May 19 & 20, by clicking  here. The conference will be in Indianapolis, Indiana, in conjunction with the Broad Ripple Art Fair.

To read about the conference go to the Events page on our web site. You can also find links for registration there.

I’ve been reading some of the posts made recently and we’re going to be discussing many of the issues raised at the conference. At this conference, however, the discussions will be taken further. We’re going to be working together to come up with solutions and how to implement them.

This is the time for artists to talk directly with show directors from all over the country — shows of all kinds and sizes. Directors also have a chance to talk with artists to get their input and learn what is happening in other shows throughout the country. There are many facets and many components to shows and the difficulties within them are more complex than they may appear to be — but there are also solutions to be found within those components. This is an opportunity for all of our members to take advantage of what this organization has to offer — the means to take a look at our industry and make a difference.

We want all artists and shows at the conference, not just members. This is an industry wide discussion and we want as many to participate as possible.

We look forward to seeing all of you there.

Register today

For hotel information go to the Events page and scroll down to find information about the  Embassy Suites and how to take advantage of the rates NAIA has arranged.

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