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From: Bob Ragland E-Mail: Date: 12/16/04, 4:17 PM

To get a feature story in the press do the following. Call the city desk, ask for a feature writer. A feature writer wiil tell your story with no bias. Spin your story, make it as interesting as you can. Ask for a photo op. be ready to supply a photo and a wirtten story if necessary. LEAVE THE ART CRITICS ALONE. You may have to do this more than one time. Once you get the story, make copies to send to your mailing list. Write notes or letters on the back of the copies that you sen out. Ink matters go get some.

From: Karen Kinser E-Mail: Date: 8/31/02, 11:02 PM

Need a “good” easel light . . . but don’t want to spend a fortune?
My baby-boomer eyeballs need LOTS of light to see comfortably, while I paint. I have made due with all kinds of lousy lights . . . and bought the expensive ones too. I recently needed to set up an alternative studio space because of some construction at my home . . . and as I was “cruisin” through Loew’s, spotted a really cool little light with a clamp for the top of my easel . . . and a long goose neck. Comes in black or white . . . optionally mounts on a little stand for desk use . . .
and it only cost 12 bucks! It provides great light with a 60 watt reflector bulb . . .
Get there quick! It’s probably a back to school item. (I bought two! They always discontinue stuff I like!)

From: Cindy Elliott E-Mail: Date: 8/16/02, 8:35 AM

I am looking to open an art/clothing consignment boutique in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and would like some feedback regarding what is the typical split for the consignor/consignee, what the artist typically pays for their rental space, any negatives from the artist viewpoint, typical length of time an item is placed for sale, etc. I have owned a retail ladies boutique in Nashville but this is a new area for me. Your comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

From: Terry DePietro E-Mail: Date: 7/11/02, 9:10 AM

Chech out this site, it has an interesting easel for artists as well as some alternative products and instruction. The dispersions are a real life saver! www.pigmentsplus.com

From: Dave Johnson E-Mail: Date: 3/6/02, 12:42 AM

As far as sending in booth fee checks months ahead of time and tying up all that money, I’ve started using credit card checks. It might cost a few dollars extra but the money is still in your checking account to be used as needed. Thanks,Dave J

From: Lee Hill E-Mail: Date: 3/5/01, 7:48 AM

If you really want to add years to your vinyl canopy top and sides, finish off your washing/cleaning task by using Armorall on the materials. It keeps them pliable and more dirt-resistant.

From: Frank Goss E-Mail: Date: 2/23/01, 9:43 AM

When doing a show pack a hot glue gun for set up. Hot glue is great for tacking display props into place as well a merchandise or the occasional broken whatever. Check it out first but alcholol seems to be a good solvent for hot glue, at least the type I use.

From: Wendy Hill E-Mail: Date: 2/14/01, 4:59 PM

I learned this tip from a neighbor at a show last spring. He told me that he washes his vinyl canopy tarps at the laundromat, and it works! You have to use those big industrial machines (they don’t have an agitator). I used two machines, one with the top and a side panel, and one with the other 3 sides. I put in detergent and a little bleach, and set the machine for “warm”. They came out great! Not one seam was damaged, and our Light Dome is 5 years old. One caveat: all of the water is unable to spin out, so you will get wet when you remove the tarps. We just threw them in the back of the wagon, took them home, and hung them on the line. Much easier than scrub brush and bucket!

From: Roseann Alvarez E-Mail: Date: 6/18/00, 11:03 PM

Check out www.passion4art.com for free web sites for artists! I’ve hosted my mom’s web site there. They provide templates but you can also customize html to give your web site more capability.

From: Bruce Meyer E-Mail: Date: 5/19/00, 8:01 AM

Saw this on the forum and used it. Cheap long distance at www.bigzoo.com about 4cents a min.

From: Michael Hamilton E-Mail: Date: 5/1/00, 11:11 PM

Thanks for posting the first tip!


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