This prospectus is designed to provide the information most often requested by artists. Events which include this information are encouraged to note “This prospectus/application is in accordance with NAIA standards”. Many thanks to Jon Hecker for his work on the ideal prospectus!


  • Name of Event
  • Location of Event
  • Date of Event
  • Application Deadline

Back Cover:

  • Mailing label
  • Event return address


  • Two-page artist application including:
  • Name, address, phone: day, evening
  • Name of second artist/partner (fill in only if work is a collaborative effort. See Rules)
  • __ Check here if this is a new address
  • __ Check here if willing to demonstrate
  • __ Check one medium/ category applying for
  • __ Booth space request
  • __ Promotional postcards: Quantity__
  • __ Promotional stickers to adhere to your postcards: Quantity__
  • Slide descriptions, dimensions, etc. with ample amount of space.

When considering the layout it is important to insure that the applicant is left with all pertinent information after the application/release portion has been returned.

  • General release:
  • Applicants signature, Tax ID # ?
  • Application checklist:
  • __ Completed application
  • __ Check payable to _______for jury fee. (Booth fee due upon acceptance)
  • __ Labeled slides in clear slide holder
  • __ Self addressed, stamped reply envelope
  • __ Photocopy of Applicant picture I.D. (Send with booth fee)
  • __ Any other necessary information
  • Application Information:
  • Category:____________________
  • Slides:
    • How many?
    • Booth slide – mandatory, and must be representative of presentation and work to be displayed
    • Slide labeling information per NAIA standards:


To label each slide per NAIA standards, hold image as it would be viewed held up to a light. Your name is at top center, medium at bottom center, a number in the lower right corner to correspond with your slide descriptions on the appplication, and of course, the red dot in the lower left corner!

  • Fees: (Jury, booth, corner, double, etc.)
  • Checks payable to: ______________
  • Non-refundable jury fee deposited upon receipt
  • Booth fee due upon acceptance, deposited upon receipt
  • Liability insurance information (if required)
  • Photocopy of picture ID will be required upon acceptance and at registration
  • Explanation of cancellation policy
  • Refund schedule: Complete definition of terms
  • Event contact names, address, email, phone and fax number for applicant reference
  • Calendar block indicating:
  • ___ Application deadline postmark
  • ___ Notifications mailed
  • ___ Booth fee due upon acceptance
  • ___ Date payment is deposited
  • ___ Cancellation deadline
  • ___ Set-up date
  • ___ Show datesNote: If event is unable to accept booth fees upon acceptance, the date checks will be deposited will be included in this calendar block.

    Jury Process:

  • How many slides?
  • Projected in what order?
  • Jury score card provided with notification
  • How many spaces are available through the jury process?
  • How many applicants were there the previous year?
  • Policy on reinvited artists, exempt from jurying, or spaces held in reserve for assignment at Directors discretion.
  • Jury Notification:
  • ___ Date
  • ___ Accepted
  • ___ Rejected
  • ___ Score
  • ___ Cutoff score
  • ___ Wait-List for category
  • Jurors:
  • ___ Score: Are the slide jurors and the awards judges the same?
  • ___ Score: What are their credentials?
  • ___ Score: How many of the jurors are exhibiting artists?
  • ___ Score: Peer Jurors?
  • Awards:
  • ___Judging process
  • ___Structure
  • ___Dollar amount
  • Rules:
  • Each applicant may apply only once for a given category, unless submitting a completely separate body of work i.e. one person submitting one body of work under more than one name.
  • Definition of collaboration
  • Definition of category
  • Exclusions/ unacceptable items

Our reputation for enforcing the rules is deserved. All displays will be visited by the Viewing Committee at intervals throughout the Festival to ensure that exhibitors comply with all Festival rules. It is our exclusive right and responsibility to remove work that is not in compliance. Repeated non-compliance will result in expulsion and ineligibility for judging, awards and participation in future Festivals.

(leave this space open for individual shows to use for their own purposes)

  • Show Information:
  • Show hours
  • Location:
    • Display surface (pavement, lawn, etc.)
    • Display setting (street, park, indoor, outdoor, etc,)
  • Display size: 10 x 12 (overall size)
    • Storage space available:
      • Behind booth______
      • Next to booth______
  • Attendance figures from previous years (if applicable)
  • Advertising/ promotion- postcards, stickers, radio, TV, print, etc.
  • Demographics of venue market
  • Artist services:
    • Security information
    • Parking
    • Storage
    • Electricity (wattage)
    • Jewelers’ lockup
    • Restroom facilities
    • Break room
    • Breakfast
    • Awards dinner
  • Accessibility:
    • Description of loading/ unloading process
  • Wheelchair access (conform to ADA standards)

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