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Don AmentI pretty much just like to hang out in interesting places and make photographs. Sometimes people look at my images, and then tell me about places they are going, dreams they have lost, passions they still have…..

I was ten years old when I made my first photograph. I was in the back seat of the car with my brother and sister, heading down to Florida for “Family Vacation”. We had a Polaroid Big Swinger, and took turns snapping pics of each other making goofy faces, with bulging eyeballs and drooling tongues. When we peeled the Polaroid print away from the developing sheet, we would burst out laughing, which caused my dad to look around and yell at us for “making too much noise back there”!!! All I knew was that looking at those pictures caused me to have butterflies in my stomach, and little tinglies in my spine. I didn’t know it then, but I was hooked.

I didn’t “get serious” about photography until the eighth grade. The local high school photographer was going to be out of town during one of the basketball games, and he gave me the assignment to cover the game, along with his camera to shoot with. Oh man, that was so, so cool! The sexy camera, and the V.I.P. photo pass. I think I made about one halfway decent image that night at the game, and the hook was set deep.

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