September 1, 2004, saw the launch of ZAPPlication?, the new online program that allows artists to submit applications to art shows through one central web site using high resolution digital images of their artwork for jury review.

This resource page is designed to provide artists with information and links to assist in becoming ZAPP? ready. It will be updated on an ongoing basis as more information comes our way.

ZAPP? Seminars and Workshops

The NAIA recently purchased a couple of sets of the ROKUs and LCD projectors being used by ZAPP?. Check this page for listings of currently offered and possible upcoming seminars on preparing your images for ZAPP?, what to look for in hiring professionals to prepare your images, and opportunities to view your images projected through the ZAPP? equipment.

Shows using Zapplications?

We were keeping track of shows using Zapp? but it would be better if you visited and bookmarked the Zapplication? website for the current list.

Digital Imaging Services

The imaging professionals listed below have been recommended by various NAIA members. We encourage members to share names of other recommended individuals or services.

Larry Berman
Ralph Verrano, Art Smart
Larry Sanders

ZAPP? Tutorials

You may also wish to visit the following online tutorials for more detailed instructions on creating ZAPP?-ready images.

NAIA member Larry Berman’s tutorials on preparing images for the ZAPPlication system. and preparing digital images for conversion to slides.

Please help us keep this page updated! If you have any other references that you would like us to include, please email them to [email protected]

Juried Art Services

JuriedArtServices  is another online jurying system for Crafts America shows and the Smithsonian Craft Show.

…and other digital aspects.

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