Carla M. Fox


Carla M. FoxContemporary, fabricated silver jewlery/ materials: silver, patinaed copper, river rocks, artist cut stones & gems. Subject: Wabi-Sabi.

We are fabricators. Our jewelry is created from flat sheets of metal and wire. It is the challenge of transforming 2-dimensional materials into 3-dimensional pieces of jewelry that drives our designs. We use fine gems, found objects, sand, blue-collar stones in our work.

Most pieces go through many processes before reaching completion. A piercing saw, hammers, stakes, dapping blocks, a hydraulic press ~ these tools help create new shapes in the metal. The surface finish adds distinction to the work: we reticulate, depletion gild & apply gold foil (Kum-Boo), etch, roller print, texture, patina.

Silver is our primary metal. Copper, gold, and -metals are frequently added to enhance the designs. Textured finishes and patinas give the work an aged, well-loved look. Unusual stones/gems, glass, or resins give a unique one-of-a-kind character to the jewelry. Each piece is hand-made, not manufactured.

Bend, OR

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