C.L. Cunningham


C.L. Cunningham

Dream images accomplished by layering mixtures of 29 different materials on 1000 lb. cold-pressed watercolor paper.

Cunningham Mixed Media involves unprecedented layering of iridescent, metallic and acrylic polymer pigments not practiced by other artists. Such intense attention to the nature of materials assures both the permanence and the purity of her work. Self taught, Cunningham considers this effort plus an ongoing study of art history, the most valuable training available in addition to countless hours of actual work. She describes such discipline as . . . the clarity of experience.

Cunningham juxtaposes realism with the intimate and emotional cues of the surreal. Images are rendered directly from dreams and the vagaries of everyday life. This extraordinary insight generates an uncommon exchange of passion between the viewer and art. It also contributes to the enormous mystery of her work.

These uniquely original works are highly prized in private, corporate and museum collections worldwide, as well as heavily awarded in major competitions. When asked what is her proudest achievement, the artist’s answer is immediate; Most of my collectors own at least two pieces, usually more. To me this is the highest honor any artist can receive beyond the satisfaction which comes from accomplishing the work itself. It indicates the collector has formed more than just an appreciation for the subject of a particular work. It means a connection to the spirit of the work as a whole has taken place. In my world, there is no finer thing.

Cunningham Mixed Media consists of the following blended and layered on Arches Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper–

Graphite and Colored Pencil, Watercolor, Pastel, India Ink, Colored and Iridescent Ink, Gouache, Iridescent Pastel, Crushed and Pulverized Glass, Acrylic Polymer, Black and White Charcoal, Metallic Powder, Iridescent Intererence Medium, High Gloss and Mat Acrylic Fixative, Cont? Crayon, Metallic Gouache, Ox Gall Liquid, Thymol, Distilled and Natural Salt Water, Irisdescent Titanium Dioxide Coated Mica, School Chalk.

Marietta, GA
Work: 770-977-9597
Web: clcunningham.com

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