The purpose of these documents is to raise the awareness of those aspects of art shows that directly affect artists and to open a dialogue among show directors and artists in order that we may work together to improve art shows. NAIA is dedicated to advocating from the artist’s perspective while recognizing the interdependence existing among us all.

In 1995, NAIA was founded by a group of dedicated artists who believed it was time for artists to join and speak with a collective voice. At that time, there were several key issues for which NAIA chose to advocate. They were listed on the NAIA website as goals and initiatives, and served to guide NAIA in its endeavors. We recently completed a yearlong strategic planning. We have identified through surveys of both our membership and the larger group of art show artists, the desire that we strengthen our advocacy efforts.

NAIA is certain that art fairs and their directors recognize the profound importance and value of the artist’s point of view. NAIA recognizes that art shows have unique and important positions that deserve the same kind of consideration as the artists.

NAIA believes that by considering the perspectives of both the show and the artists and by learning the requirements for the success of each, that we will grow, prosper, and preserve the uniqueness of art shows. Many of us, shows and artists alike, have been involved in providing the public with an opportunity to view art, meet artists, and purchase art for over 35 years. We believe we all should do everything within our powers to continue this unique American phenomenon for generations to come.

NAIA accepts your help in assuming this responsibility. Our interdependence in this endeavor is indisputable.

Artist Advisors | Application Process | Operational Process | Procedural Advocacies

 Artist Advisors

The NAIA advocates that all shows develop an Artist Advisory Committee of artists who participate in art shows to consult on all aspects of the show’s policies.
Strengths of an Artist Advisory Committee
Developing an Artist Advisory Committee

 Application Process

Prospectus: NAIA advocates that shows create a concise but clear prospectus.
Prospectus: The prospectus should include an explanation of the jury process and spaces available.
Prospectus: The prospectus should not request Social Security numbers.
Prospectus: Define Rules
Jury Process: The NAIA advocates for a knowledgeable jury panel and full disclosure of the jury process and practices.
Jury Members
Jury Process Disclosures
Jury Process Recommendations
Image Formatting and Viewing
Cancellations & Refunds

 Operational Process

Booth Space
ADA Accommodations

 Procedural Advocacies

Rule Enforcement

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