ActionLine Request Form


  • Artist requesting help fills out and submits the Action Line Request Form.
  • Facilitator may call the Artist to discuss the issue in more detail.
  • Facilitator will contact the show in question by mail and/or telephone to initiate discussion. Before any facilitation begins, the show will be requested to hold specific discussions in confidence, and to agree not to adversely respond to any artist involved (i.e., blacklisting). Depending upon the nature of the issue, facilitator may need to have further contact with the Artist during the course of discussions.
  • Final resolution of the issue will be communicated.

  • By requesting NAIA to act on my behalf to resolve the issue identified though this Action Line request, I agree to the following:
  • I agree not to hold the NAIA, or anyone who represents me on behalf of the NAIA, responsible in the event my problem is not resolved to my satisfaction.
  • I agree that the NAIA will make the final decision whether or not to address a complaint on my behalf.
  • I agree to treat all communications between myself, the facilitator, and the show director in a confidential manner unless or until all parties agree to be released from the bonds of confidentiality.
  • I understand that the NAIA, or anyone who represents me on behalf of the NAIA, will not disclose my identity to the show named in this complaint without my consent. However, I agree not to hold the NAIA responsible in the event that the show is able to identify me by the specific nature of the issue or complaint brought forth in this matter.

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