Winter Park, FL
November, 1995

On March 15th a dinner meeting for the artists’ organization was held in Winter Park, Florida. Gordon Bruno opened the meeting and the following topics were discussed, voted on and approved:

  1. The name of our organization to be the ASSOCIATION OF ARTFESTIVAL ARTISTS (name and logo conceived by Bo Sterk.)
  2. Filing an application to become a national non-profit organization incorporated in Illinois.
  3. Mission Statement: Our mission is to be a responsible advocate for artists who exhibit their work at art festivals and craft shows.

Bannister Pope carried on the discussion concerning information gathering for National Show Standards such as:

  • Category clarification.
  • Refund policies.
  • Improving jury procedures.
  • Standardized slide labeling.
  • Monitoring displays to see if slides accurately represent work.
  • Optional payment of show fees by credit card.

Ray Hartl presented information on the first newsletter to be ready by June.
Gordon Bruno reported on his meeting with David Cook of Sunshine Artists magazine regarding providing free space in their publication for information on updates about our group.

The next artists’ meeting was scheduled for Old Town weekend, date, time and place to be arranged.

In attendance and voting were:

  • Greg Allen
  • Paul Andrews
  • Beth Appleton
  • Barbara Bate
  • Gordon Bruno
  • Ellie Diez-Massaro
  • Sharon M. Donovan
  • Kathleen Eaton
  • Ben W. Essenburg
  • Dan Gable
  • Ray Hartl
  • Lynn Krause
  • John Krieger
  • Robin Logan
  • Lenny Lyons- Bruno
  • Jody dePew McLeane
  • Banister Pope
  • Rick Preston
  • Larry Rhoads
  • Paula Rothman
  • Vincent Serbin
  • Elinor Splitter
  • Butler Steltemeier
  • Jim Wallace
  • Michael J. Weber

Submitted by Kathleen Eaton – membership

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